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We offer guiding services along the beaches of Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Newport beach that are fished walking or wading. On the beaches, we most often catch corbina, croaker, spotfin croaker, surf perch, yellowfin and more. The summer is extra busy at the beaches so it's best to book these trips during the winter months. 

Catalina Island

mako shark on the fly

In-shore costal waters, bays and harbors

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U.S. Coast Guard Master 100 ton captain's license.USCG#04706 DFG#70777

Unsurpassed in natural beauty, Catalina is a true oasis off the coast of Southern California. Calm, clear waters make one of the hottest fly fishing destinations on the West Coast, offering barracuda, Bonita, calico bass, halibut, yellowtail, and white sea bass as well as many other species. The boat ride is one hour each way and start times are between 5 – 5:30am PT with return to the dock around 3pm.

Fly Fishing with Captain Vaughn


These charters are from August – October only, launching from Newport Harbor or Long Beach to fish the offshore banks including 209, 279, and 182. These charters target dorado, tuna, and yellowtail within kelp paddies where they live.


For an unforgettable and challenging experience, consider a mako shark charter using only fly fishing equipment. These trips leave from Newport Harbor or Long Beach during the summer months only.

West Coast Fly Fishing Waters

Launching from Newport Beach or Long Beach allows us to focus on where the fishing is at its best. These charters target barracuda, Bonita, calico bass, spotted bay bass, halibut, sand bass, yellowtail, white sea bass and more. These charters are half-day only, sunrise to noon. Evening trips are available in winter and spring only.