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Here's what you need if you bring your own equipment

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U.S. Coast Guard Master 100 ton captain's license.USCG#04706 DFG#70777

For the beaches:

  • 6-8 wt. rod and reel
  • Tapered fluorocarbon leaders, 6-12 lbs.
  • 200-300 grain shooting sinking heads , floating line in the summer can be used in some conditions.
  • Clouser minnows in sizes 4-6 and various colors. Bonefish patterns also work. Orange is the favorite color to use.

For inshore coastal, bays and harbors:

  • 6-8 wt. rod and reel / switch rod for the bay on foot is a blast.
  • Tapered fluorocarbon leaders or straight, 6-20 lbs.
  • 200-300 grain shooting heads and intermediate lines.
  • Clouser minnows in sizes 4-6 in various colors.
  • Deceivers 6-1/0 in various colors including blue/white, black/white, olive/white.

For Catalina Island:

  • 8-10 wt. rod and reel.
  • Tapered fluorocarbon leaders or straight , 15-25 lbs.
  • 300-500 grain shooting sinking heads,Clear intermediate sink tips.
  • Clouser minnows in sizes 4-1/0 in various colors.
  • Deceivers 1/0-3/0 in various colors

For offshore:

  • 10 -12 wt. rod and reel to match with min 250 yrds backing.
  • 300-500 grain shooting heads sinking
  • Clear intermediate lines

For Mako Shark:

  • 10-14 wt. rod and with matching reel
  • floating lines.
  • Clear intermediate lines

Saltyfly Guide Service uses all premium gear for walk-on clients.  If a client chooses this option there will be a "Breakage Fee" assessed for any broken rods or equipment at the time of the incident.