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Seasonal fishing on the West Coast

Fall (September - November)

Some of the best offshore fishing happens at this time of year. Dorado and yellowtail are still around and the yellowfin tuna are going strong. The Islands are still fishing great for bass, barracuda, bonita and yellowtail. Inshore fishing is still excellent if the water hasn't cooled off. Bays are still fishing good and so are the beaches.

Winter (December - February)

Calico bass, sand bass, and spotted bay bass are still eating. Bonita are still present around Catalina Island and the Long Beach area. Some of the finest big calico bass fishing occurs during this time of year at the local reefs and wrecks,The LA Break wall and at Catalina Island.Great time to fish the beaches,no crowds and the tides are great in the afternoons.

Spring (March - May)

Water temperatures rise, tides become more favorable, and days are longer. All of these factors influence the behavior of the calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, white sea bass, yellow tail and bonita. Calico bass become very aggressive as they start to spawn, peaking around July and lasting through September.

Sandbass and barracuda move into the Huntington flats and some yellowtail are mixed in, typically cruising on the outside edges of the flats.

White sea bass start showing up at Catalina Island this time of year, usually the smaller school size of 10-25 lbs., perfect for the fly rodder. Big yellow tail show their presence in the deeper water on the squid grounds and they are accompanied by some of the big white sea bass, up to 50 lbs.

Summer (June - August)

Summertime is all about having fun, and Catalina Island is fishing strong with calico bass, bonita, barracuda and yellowtail. There are still a few white seabass around in June. Mako shark fishing is good off Newport Beach and Dana Point. Dorado and yellow tail start showing up offshore under the kelp paddies while a few marlin show up as well.

Inshore fishing is still good for calico bass, sand bass, barracuda and a few yellowtail along the kelp lines.

Newport Harbor is fishing very well for spotted bay bass, yellow fin croaker, halibut, sandbass and other species. Beaches are good for yellow fin croaker and corbina.

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