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Fish Report


​Hi everyone

Well we are into the fall season and fishing is still pretty good. There are still tuna around which we targeted last week and came up short on landing  the big ones but got some skip jack for our effort, not bad!!!. The bonito bite has been steady with fish around 3lb. The calico bass bite has been good if you target them specifically, that red pelagic crab that I tie still seems to be the ticket  .The yellow tail bite has slowed down quiet considerably ,we've seen them but no hook ups. Over the last few weeks there has been a ton of squid showing up, market size 4"-6" so probably some fish are keying in on the squid so take over squid patterns. Just saying!!!! Bonito and barracuda will also eat the squid fly if they are around.

Im starting to do local evening trips for the calico bass and its been great so far. Its a shot at getting a really good quality calico bass. Don't forget Im also doing morning halfday trips ,  also get your date down for next year ASAP as I'm booking up already .Dont be left at the dock.

Tee-shirts and hats are coming soon as well as local flies tied by me so stay tuned.