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Fish Report


​Hi everyone I hope your summer has been great with lots of tight lines and bent rods.

Well Catalina Island has been fishing well overall for calico bass, pacific cuda and some yellow tail. The yellow tail overall on the fly have been very tough cause they big and very selective. The best way to approach them is too have a variety of flies in different color olives and browns and even the pelagic crab fly has been producing a few even though I haven't seen them for months. 

The offshore tuna are still way south and far out ,nothing much to speak of up in the OC waters. Some stripped marlin have shown up also off catalina and the ridges.

Water is now warm enough for makos off OC and LA.

Local bassin is excellent and so is corbina fishing which I haven't done in a while. If you guys happen to read my report shoot me an email or text to say you have so I can stay more on top of it. Maintenance day for me today thats why I managed to get caught up. Off to whip a few flies now.

Cheers and tight lines.

Capt. vaughn