Fish Report


​HAPPY 4th July everyone .

Well Catalina Island is fishing excellent right now for all species. If you want to get your arm yanked off by a big yellowtail get ready. They have been tough some days on the fly but others days they eat the chicken feather well. 9,10,11 wt rods forsure. Im booked most of July but there is always a cancellation so don't hesitate to call. The tuna are just south and a huge volume of them also so I'm looking forward to running for those if the weather is good ,ps. thats an offshore trip. 

the local bassing has been excellent also but the island is the main focus right now. 

BOOK you trips for the remaining days in August September and October as its gonna be excellent.

You all be safe out there.


CONTACT Capt. Vaughn Podmore

U.S. Coast Guard Master 50 ton captain's license.USCG#04706 DFG#70777

(714) 235-7715

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