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Fish Report


​Howzit going to those that read my report. Well as I write this a late spring storm is moving through SoCal with a lot of wind behind it making for some tough boating . The waters are warming up slowly giving out at times a great bite on yellow tail ,which we had a few weeks ago all on the fly. There has been a few bonito around but no volume and mostly in the 2-3lb range. We have caught the odd barracuda and seen plenty others in different spots . Once this weather shapes up things are going to get good. Most yellow tail and white seabass being caught right now have come on live or fresh dead squid when available . 

The calico bass bite locally has been my bread and butter as its been very good when conditions are right day or night. These bass have been preferring a smaller fly rather than a large ,well for my clients at least.

Looking ahead into the summer , get your dates in now before its too late. 

Tight lines.