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Fish Report


Howzit going everyone. Well fishing is still pretty dam great with tons of bonito and some very big, both at the island and coastal areas. There are still yellowtail around but on the fly they have been tough to get because they have been reluctant in eating live squid rather , thrown by the gear guys fishing heavy lead on the bottom. We've tried once or twice but its a matter of patience soaking that fly deep preferably using 500-800gr lines in this 140ft depth water zone. All these fish are slugs 20lb and bigger. Who wants to do this ...!!!!!!!!!!

The calico bass bite has been great if you can find the right conditions. The pelagic crab fly has been working well even though I haven't seen any for a few weeks now but a fin bait pattern has been working great eg.olive over white or brown.

The water temps have been steady with an average 65-67deg both inshore and at the island. Thankfully we haven't had any major wind to speak of so the bite should stay steady for a while. The local calico bite is decent also and remember this time of year now that we have changed time , Im doing evening trips from 330-4pm too about 9-930 pm. This is a shot at getting a local slug calico . O yes !!! please start to book your trips for next season 20019 as I have almost a full month on the books already.