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Fish Report


OPEN FOR CHARTERS 7 DAYS A WEEK UNLESS BOOKED. PROBABLY THE BEST PLACE TO BE RIGHT NOW IS OUT ON MY BOAT. COME AND HAVE A STRESS FREE DAY........ ​Some good bonito action at Catalina Island right now , mostly in that 3-4lb range with some bigger fish in the 5-7lb range showing up also. Calico bass fishing has been great when there's conditions . Ive seen some yellowtail here and there but haven't come tight to any. A lot of squid has shown up at the island right now so theres a shot at White Sea bass also if squid is available for sale.

Locally the calico bite during the day time has picked up, its been pretty good now that the spawn is going to happen in the next month. NIGHT TIME has still been the best. Ive been running these trips from about 6pm till 1030pm.

IF you haven't got in my books yet for this year , do so soon because I'm getting booked up.