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The Beachesof Huntington, Long Beach and Newport Beach are fished walking or wading. The most common species are corbina, yellowfin croaker, surfperch, halibut and spotfin croaker among others.These trips are done primarily during the winter months due to a high volume of boat charters during summer. 

In-Shore Coastal Waters, Bays and Harbors of Orange County. We launch from Newport Bay or Long Beach depending on where the fishing is at its best. Species are calico bass, sand bass, spotted bay bass, croaker, barracuda, bonita, halibut, yellowtail, white sea bass and others. We fish from sun-up until noon.HALF-DAY ONLY or evening trips , winter and spring only.

Catalina Island is unsurpassed in natural beauty, a true island oasis off the coast of Southern California. Calm clear waters make it one of the hottest fly fishing destinations on the West Coast, offering calico bass, bonita, barracuda, yellowtail, white sea bass, halibut and many other species.The boat ride is about one hour each way. We on the water between 5-530am and back at the dock around 3pm.

Offshore: August-October. We launch from  Newport Harbor or Long Beach and fish the banks like the 209, 279, 181, 182  looking for tuna, dorado, yellowtail and the kelp paddies which hold all of these species.

Mako Shark on the fly: These trips begin at Newport Harbor and Long Beach during the summer months. 

West Coast Waters Provide Great Saltwater Fly Fishing!